Precision Parts Platform

The Precision Parts Platform (PPP) unites, as a sector group, 30 NEVAT member companies who are suppliers of components with added value: they are the highly-valued problem-solvers within the industry.

These are companies who produce fine mechanical products in small and larger series. Companies who employ fine mechanical processes for third parties or who produce stamps and/or dies are also members. Companies who produce precision parts in plastic and rubber have also been added to the sector recently.

The precision companies have been active in the international market for years. The clients of PPP members are to be found in almost all industry sectors. Even where various material applications are involved, PPP members are able to meet the most wide-ranging requirements. Furthermore, they possess so much technological expertise that they are perfectly capable of making an effective contribution to the innovation capacity of their client. Prime examples of problem-solvers!

During the coming period the precision supply chain will concentrate on propagating and developing competencies, which will lead to a better focus. This newly-acquired focus can be applied to better innovation, which arises through cooperation in established networks and developed know-how and expertise. The PPP will be better placed to make life easier for their clients and build bridges with the existing individual specialisations.

It is important to note that there is no 'one size fits all' solution. Challenges which face every individual company must be taken into account. During the coming period, the sector will start working on the conversion of abstract lines into the concrete field of practice in the precision industry.

The aims of the Precision Parts Platform are:

  • To strengthen the competitiveness of the Dutch precision supply industry both at home and abroad
  • To respond in an innovative way to developments within the precision sector both at home and abroad
  • Promotion of the sector to potential client groups

These aims are, for example, achieved by:

  • General meetings for members / knowledge exchange meetings
  • Visiting OEM-ers
  • Joint company visits with other employer organisations (roadshow)
  • Consultations with research and educational institutions
  • Marketing workshop