Sheet Metalworking Industry

NEVAT's Sheet Metalworking Industry sector group, with around 50 companies, represents a highly innovative branch of the industry. A great deal has been invested in advanced processing machines and tools in recent years. This means that both the production and logistic processes have been further optimised.

Dutch sheet metalworkers are used to responding swiftly and effectively to the ever changing market demand or to new requirements. This guarantees a very short 'time to market'. For many large Original Equipment Manufacturers such a high degree of flexibility is absolutely essential when trying to remain one step ahead of international competition.

Furthermore, it does not just concern supply, but also active involvement in the development and engineering of new products. This can be very attractive when, for example, it involves the best possible coordination in the choice of materials and production techniques. In short, as a supplying player, the Dutch sheet metalworking industry has developed itself into a sector with an important added value. All in all, it makes the Dutch sheet metalworking industry an extremely interesting partner.

The aims of the Sheet Metalworking Industry group are:

  • To generate a substantial part of their turnover with the assembly and/or production of electronic products and/or semi-manufactured products
  • To strengthen the competitiveness of the Dutch sheet metalworking industry both at home and abroad
  • To acquire an insight into developments within the sector, with regard to the branch both at home and abroad
  • To participate in networks, both national and international
  • These aims are achieved by organising meetings and projects within this framework

Examples are:

  • Promoting benchmark research among sector members
  • Promoting cooperation with foreign organisations: ICOSPA membership, ORGALIME, etc.
  • Visiting research and educational institutions
  • Visiting sector members' companies