System Developers

Manufacturers of finished products, also known as 'original equipment manufacturers' (OEM-ers), demand engineering competencies from their suppliers more and more often. In response to this, a group of professional engineering consultancies has emerged within the manufacturing industry that specialises in the development of production resources (high-tech systems) and products. The System Developers sector group combines the strengths of these kinds of knowledge suppliers within the NEVAT.

The System Developers' mission is to create 'new business' by bringing together the triangle of OEM-er, System Developers and System Suppliers. The group would like to do this by:

  • Giving the concept of "system developer" a recognisable position in the industrial playing field of the manufacturing industry (creating transparency)
  • Elevating the members' level of knowledge to new heights
  • Enhancing the network of the System Developers in the value chain
  • Protecting the interests of members

Within the chain of the product creation process - which runs from analysis, strategy formulation, concept development, product development, preparation for production, production, marketing and sales and product improvement - the members restrict themselves to concept development, product development and preparation for production.

Membership of the System Developers sector group is open to NEVAT members whose main activity is (multidisciplinary) engineering (mechanical, electronic/electrical, mechatronic, optics, embedded systems, control technology, software). The members themselves do not have their own or hardly any production facilities, which means that the independence of the product design is guaranteed. The production facilities mainly concentrate on the building of prototypes. Secondment agencies are excluded.

Interested in membership? Ask for a comprehensive information pack with all the terms and conditions related to membership.