System Suppliers

The System Suppliers group provides a platform within NEVAT for suppliers of modules to (OEM) clients within the high-quality industry. System Suppliers are service-oriented relational leaders with a highly adaptable capacity, focussed on customer intimacy and making life easier for their clients. They are proactive lifecycle managers with the relevant knowledge of various markets such as semiconductor, medical, multimedia, analysis, energy and industrial automation markets. Markets where high technology, time to market, demand volatility and the price/performance ratio are of paramount importance.

As fast followers, System Suppliers adapt themselves to the wishes of their clients. Clients with a focus on costs and technology leadership. The System Supplier is different from other suppliers, because he acts as a lifecycle manager: he takes responsibility in the field of product development, process development, serial production and end-of-life management. In addition, System Suppliers contribute unique knowledge in the field of sheet metalwork, electronics, precision components and/or mechatronics.

Within the System Suppliers group, members discuss common challenges in these fields. System Suppliers learn from each other and from each other's clients. They prepare themselves for tomorrow's market, by exchanging knowledge about market movements, developments at and requirements of (OEM) clients. And they motivate each other to optimise their performance, because thanks to this market information, members can enhance their market proposition as a System Supplier. The System Suppliers group is the sounding board where experiences and problems in its area of expertise can be exchanged.

When an OEM submits a problem definition to the NEVAT System Suppliers group, this means efficiency: with many companies exchanging ideas at the same time. In this way, the System Suppliers group serves as a sounding board for the OEMs. This transfer of expertise regarding subjects such as process improvement and chain optimization offers the OEMs the opportunity to improve their competitiveness in their markets.

NEVAT System Suppliers: your market success is our mission