The Dutch Heavy Machining

The Dutch Heavy Machining Sector Group unites NEVAT member companies who supply heavy machine processes, or alternatively manufacture products using heavy machine process techniques.

The size of the product that the client wishes to have processed plays an important role in this. One or more of the techniques mentioned below are employed by member companies of the sector group:

  • CNC boring and turning > 2500 mm diameter
  • Center lathes > 5000 mm turning length
  • Boring > 3000 mm
  • Grinding > 3000 mm
  • Companies who employ the above mentioned techniques can be found in the database. By selecting a certain process a suitable supplier can be found

Companies involved in heavy machine processing have made considerable investments in recent years in order to be able to process large complex pieces with a high degree of precision for variousĀ  industry sectors, including energy, petrochemicals, heavy machine construction, the maritime sector (ship newbuilds and repairs) and offshore. The member companies have many years of practical experience in the processing of heavy and/or large components. They are happy to share this experience with clients and give advice, if required, about the technical processing aspects of a design, in order to come up with the best possible solution.

The aims of the Dutch Heavy Machining Sector Group are:

  • To enhance the competitiveness of member companies both at home and abroad
  • A collective approach to individual problems focused on a joint solution
  • The promotion of member companies among national and international subcontractors
  • To respond to technological developments in the sector

These aims are achieved by:

  • The organisation of general meetings for members and knowledge exchange meetings
  • The organisation of themed working visits and company visits to member companies
  • The organisation of trade contact meetings both at home and abroad
  • Collective contracts with suppliers of specific services
  • Regular consultation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • A promotional brochure with information about the sector and an overview of the member companies (available upon request from the Dutch Heavy Machining Group secretariat)

Membership of the Dutch Heavy Machining Group is open to all NEVAT member companies who employ one or more of the above mentioned heavy machine processing techniques in the stated dimensions.